Final days in Jo Burg

Well our travelling is done and back to Johannesburg.
Earlier this month we visited the Vortrekker Monument and museum to see the story of the migration north by the Dutch.
It is a wonderful building with many exhibits of the trek and its origins.
We also pulled in a visit to the Apartheid museum, sorry no pictures, too embarrassed by our white behaviour again.  
Finally a few shots of birds again and thanks to our hosts, Cathy and Graham and Rob and Kerry.
Thanks for a wonderful time.


Kruger. Satara and Lower Swabi.

Well we are off to Kruger national park, this is the size of Wales and the most famous in South Africa.
We have seen three of the Big Five now all we need is the last two, Rhino and Leopard......
Well we saw our Rhino, both White and Black and were very happy but on the last day still no sign of Leopard. We booked a final night drive just in the hope that the guide could find one for us.
In the meantime Graham decided on one last run in the late afternoon.
We stopped by a river to admire the Storks and suddenly Sarah gasped. "There is a Leopard in the tree over there.
And there it was in the Classic pose draped on a branch high in the tree. He lay there whilst we photographed him and then to our delight he climbed down the tree and jumped into the bush.
What a perfect end to our Safari trip.