Cathy and Graham Visit

Last week our pals from UK Graham and Cathy came out to visit us. We met last year in Sicily and became pals then. We have had a great week. They brought the good weather with them and we had five very warm sunny days walking and lying on the beach. Sarah Cathy and Graham went swimming, I am not that brave/ silly.   Very sad saying goodbye again yesterday but hoping that this time next year they will be able to spend more time with us.

Back to the Algarve

Well here we are back to the Algarve for winter, but this time in October, and were shocked at how dry everywhere looked compared to our last two visits 2010, 2011 from February and onwards.
There are no flowers out yet but they are showing signs after the rain we have had.
We are on a new site for us at Espiche near Praia da Luz just over the road from Valverde camping where we normally stay.
The site is possibly the best we have stayed at on the Algarve. The facilities, showers, toilets etc are so good, even I am using them instead of our own.
We have bumped into Paul and Yvonne Bassett from the Carthago owners club on the site within the first few days. We had a lot of catching up to do as we had not seen them since the Carthago owners second meeting in Germany October 2009. At that time they had a Chic and we had the M liner, now things had reversed, we have the chic and they the Liner. 
Our pals Graham and Cathy who we met in Sicily last year are coming out on the 9th November so we are planning for that.

Our new neighbours are Terri and Eddie, they are good fun and we have hired a car for three days to show them around. They are thinking of buying a place in France and we have been trying to persuade them to carry on camping. We have not stopped laughing since we met up, they love a good time.

We have been busy visiting some of our old haunts and also some new ones, but more of that later. For now some pics so far..