Valdovino to Cabo Priorino

From Valdovino we next made a trip to Cabo  Priorino, another wartime fortification set on another stunning cape.

Costa Verde heading west.

Leaving the beautiful Loire valley behind we headed towards the Pyrenees to visit our pals Eddie and Terri. We stayed at a lovely campsite in Mauleon by the river, which naturally enough Sarah had to have a swim in even though the current was driving her backwards.
Our friends made us welcome as always and we had a nice time catching up.

After a few relaxing days we set off again in the direction of St Jean Pied de Porte, via the Baneta Pass.

There is a camping Aire at the top which had great views of the area. We did not stay the night as we had only just begun our day.

We bypassed Pamplona and headed west towards Torrelavega stopping for the night at a campsite at Frias in the Sierra Cantabrica.

Next day took us through a beautiful gorge in the Sierra la Testa, the road wound up and down and by the time we reached the bottom the brakes were getting a bit hot. Wonderful scenery in a new area for us. Sarah always tries to devise a new route each time we travel south for the winter.

We continued onwards to Benquerencia and camping
Barreiros, just across the estuary from Foz.

 We had a few days there to visit Moras and Portocelo,

 And the amazing Cathedral rocks at
 Praia del Castro.

Our next stop was at Valdovino, a terraced site with good views of the sea.

We got our faithful scooter out and set off to explore the area. Cabo Ortegal is a beautiful headland and lovely beaches.

Also with wild horses and even a Fox paid us a visit,

 We stopped at a view point and there was a Commemorative plaque for the Actor Leslie Howard, who was killed off this coast in WW2.

We had lovely views of Ortigueira below us and the roads were quiet.

The next headland was Cabo Priorino with a military emplacement from the war now derilect but again a dominant spot on the highest cliff around so good views.

We passed through Cediera with its beautiful beach.

We also visited San Andres de Teixido where the chapel is the main feature with pilgrims visiting it daily.

Supposedly if you do not visit you will come back in the next life as an animal in that village.  Well things could be worse I suppose.
We spent the evening, which was our anniversary with four nice people having dinner under the stars.

Loire Valley

Well we are away again. Down to the Loire valley and a wonderful campsite
 Terre D'Entente at Saint Martin de la Place. Right on the river bank.


We were just down the road from Saumur and had a lovely day cycling down the North side of the river into the town and back along the south bank. The villages and Chateau along the way were lovely. 

We stopped to rest in the park and admire the wild life. !!!!!
 We finally reached Saumur centre where we visited The Chateau. It is beautifully set overlooking the river and we had a drink at the local bar whilst we got over the climb up the hill.
Some of us do not have electric bikes.
We then had great difficulty finding our way across the river, indeed we had trouble finding the river to cross it. Anyway we got back to the campsite. 

On our way back Sarah had a puncture and we had to keep stopping to inflate the tyre. when we arrived at the camp, we both needed to cool off and had a swim in the Loire. You could not go forwards because of the current so you just swam against it like In a wave pool.

A really wonderful rest stop.