Today we took a trip to look at Tarifa and parked down by the docks. From there we wandered around the old town for a while. The harbour and its fortifications were very interesting with a statue of someone looking like Nelson in the square. We decided that it was possibly not him as the Spanish would have considered him a Pirate and so it was probably Napoleon ( another Pirate )
The jury is still out on that one. The weather was kind and we need another visit to explore more fully.

On into 2014

Well, we are still here in Spain and Christmas has been and gone and a Great New Year party had by all. The wine flowed and the band played through Two new years, One for the Spanish new year and an hour later the UK New Year. Sarah and I sang our Fairytale of New York  with the band and received a great round of applause from all our new pals.
The weather is not so good at the moment and we have hired a car for a few weeks and  for when the family visit later this month. We had a lovely surprise when my cousin Kathryn and Tony popped in to see us for a couple of days, it was nice to catch up again.
We got some good bird pictures on the way to Zahara de los Atunes a week or so ago. A dead cow had attracted a flock of over forty Griffon Vultures to a field right near the road, it was amazing to watch, if a little Gory.
We are now heading into Valentines night and have a little group of our own now, called Unwired.
We have been playing acoustic numbers for fun and have been asked to put together a set for the start of the evening before the Rock band come on. I will report after the event if we have not been lynched.