Castle Stalker and new pals.

Took a ride to Castle Stalker, another favorite of Turner's Met up with some new pals Edna and Les. He persuaded me to buy an electric guitar from a shop in Oban and i am grateful to him as it has helped my playing immensely. Hope to meet up with you guys again soon.
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James of the Glen walk

Walk up to James of the Glens Bothey. He was the guy who featured in the story "Kidnapped"
by R.L Stevenson. A real person who was hanged for the supposed murder of The "Red Fox" Colin Campbell. Sarah has earmarked this as an overnight stop on our Clansmans walk. She may be on her own !!!

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Kerrara island

Went over on the ferry to Kerrara island. What a beautiful spot just off shore from Oban, five minutes.
Lovely castle which was a favorite of Turner the famous landscape painter
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The Pine Marten Trail

We walked the Pine Marten trail just south of Oban. Part of the Last Clansman's trail from Oban to Ballahulish.
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Oban is a very nice town with a lovely harbour. Above the town is Mc Caig's tower which is more of a Folly than a tower. Wonderful views.
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Oban camp site.

Took the canoe out for the day from the site. Caught a tiny mackeral which we had for tea.
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Off to Oban

Lovely scenery on way to Oban site.
Weather was quite good and we found the site very nice. We had visited it before on a rainy night, this time it looked a lot better.

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Julias reminiscing day.

We took a trip back in time for Julia to where she grew up. Saw some lovely scenery and had a great time playing with Diva their dog. Julia went paddling.
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Falkirk wheel.

June 2010
Off now to Scotland. Killin site near Falls of Dochart. Met up with our pals Rog and Julia and went to see the Falkirk wheel. An impressive boat lift on the canal. Took the place of about fourteen locks which used to take all day to navigate. This takes fifteen minutes from bottom to top.
Julia is looking serious as she does not like hights. Well done that girl

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Lake district June 2010

Off to the Lakes. Dockray Meadow campsite. Lots of walking. Weather not bad and had a good time.
Nice to be off again on our European tour.

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Wales again with Family

Back to Wales to visit the Family. Had a Barbie and John came over and music was played. Walked to Worm's Head with Sarah's mum and Jerry.

Day with the Kids at Thomas Land

Met up with Eve Tony and The Boys at Thomas World
Drayton Manor park. Had great day. Nice to see how they had grown.
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Wales 7th May

Quick visit to see Dave and Mary in Wales on way back to Nottingham
The merry crew practicing their Irish Jigs.
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