Rafa de Bullas 27th Feb

We moved on to Rafa de Bullas, in the mountains. Great area for walking. Fields of Almond tress in blossom. Vine yards ready to bloom. Plum and Olive trees and bird life to die for.

Visited  Salto Usero en el rio Mula. This gorge was formed after an Earthquake of 6.8 on the Richter scale in 1999. Very dramatic rift. Gerry will be sorry to have missed this.

Val and Phil visit 23rd Feb

Val and Phil dropped by on their way to a Hymer rally at Mojacar. We had a great few days together showing them the delights of La Manga and Cartagena. So nice of them to call and see us. Hope we bump into them again on route.

Barry and Susan visit 12th Feb

Barry and Susan Newman dropped in for a couple of days on route to visit Clive and Roz in southern Spain. We showed them the sights of Cartagena and the hills. Looking forward to visiting them on way back up country.

Audrey and Gerry visit 10th Feb

 Sarah's mum Audrey and friend Gerry came to stay. We had a wonderful time showing them the area, and walking them off their legs. Gerry was a fount of Geological information and kept trying to remember if he taught me at Rushcliffe in the 1960's

Gary's 65th BIrthday

Garys 65th was a great sucess, we spent three days with Gary and Bren their Villa.

Usual Boozy do. Lots to eat and drink, and lots of fun. Thanks Pals.