Back in the UK

Well we have been back in the UK now for about four weeks and done a lot of visiting both Family and Friends and are currently in South Wales with Sarah's family for a couple of weeks. The weather has been mixed but that is typical of this time of year.
We have had Sarah's son Matts graduation which took place in Norwich in July, visits to other family, both children and Grandchildren all of which were delightful. The Grand kids have changed so much.
We are starting to plan our return to Europe for the end of August. We never have any set plan as such but Sarah is putting together a few ideas. Gentle progression through France with lots of free Aires, visits with pals in French Pyrenees and Spain then down to Sierra Nevada for some walking. We want to watch the grand migration of the birds of prey during October from Gibraltar to Africa. This is supposedly a great spectacle not to be missed by birdwatchers. Thousands of Raptors at a time make the crossing each year and have done so for hundreds of years.
Then if the weather is as poor as the last two winters, we plan to cross over to Morocco and join them, after all if its good for them then it may be good for us. We already have the DK Eyewitness travel guide at the ready, and with diesel at about half the cost of Europe, we may save some money.
OK, so for now just  a few pics of our time in the good old UK.