New and Old

There she is along side her giant friend Bessie the bus. The new one is called
Evie the E line and is very compact.

We have moved into the new van at last and are ready to leave Nottingham on Friday. We are off down to Canterbury for the night and then on the Shuttle 9.20am Saturday. Going with two of our pals Phil and Val who also have a Motorhome. Heading for the sun in the Algarve. Can't wait!
It has seemed a long haul since we came back in May 2010 but thanks to the Wonderful dealers

"Lowdhams of Nottingham "we have our new home and are looking forwards to our continuing travels. Thanks to Ian, Steve, Matt and Paul for all their help. We will continue our Blog hopefully in the sunshine. Actually it is sunny here today but still very cold.
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