Algarbes and Betijuelo

We have visited Bolonia quite a few times and have looked towards the south east in the direction of Tarifa and seen this rocky ridge which looked inviting.
 Our little book of walks which we purchased from the National park office near Alcala described a walk which took in this area so we set out to do the walk.
The road down to the camp site looked like a snow drift, but was of course sand. Children were sledging and someone had skis. Great fun.
We parked up near the campsite at Paloma and found our way to the start of the walk by asking a local where the Los Algarbes  funerary site was situated. It was right next to us as we found and all locked up. We took some pictures from behind the wire but would have liked to explore the site more thoroughly. Shame it was not possible, perhaps another time.
From here we followed the well marked track up through the woods. It was a gentle climb and the weather again was perfect.

As we progressed the signs suddenly disappeared and we had to start making some assumptions as to the correct route. We made our way upwards and saw a sign to a Panoramic vista which looked like the right way to us, so off we went. It became apparent that we were actually climbing up to the peaks, which from the ground did not look at all possible. However we continued on up until we arrived at the Trig point which was pictured on our map. 
The views from the top were as you can see beautiful. Africa in the distance and views towards Tarifa in one direction and Bolonia the other.

Coffee and cake at the top.
 Our route down was definitely not marked and again we asked some other walkers for assistance. They shook their heads and said it was a long way but pointed us in the right direction. We walked around the mountain gradually descending through the forest. The Griffon Vultures were circling overhead waiting for us to expire.

 It was a lovely walk and eventually we started to get signs again and arrived at a large Arroya once again a feature on our walk map. A good sign.
 Finally a long walk down the road back to the car.
 And a last look at where we had been.
A great day out.

Kathy and Graham visit

Our Pals Kathy and Graham came to visit us. Arriving on New Years Eve, they were subjected to our group performing  songs before the Rock band went on stage.
They survived but needed an early night as they had driven non stop from Northern France. We gave them a day or two to settle in before taking them up the highest peak in the area, El Aljibe. It was a beautiful day for the walk and although cool at the top the weather was very kind.



This is the peak we were walking towards.

The top at last.


 Our next walk was a little more gentle, taking us around the hills behind Jimena de la Frontera and then down the river bank back into town. We had a good Menu Del Dia at the campsite in Jimena. The camp site looks good for a more extensive visit to this beautiful area in the future.


Christmas 2014 at Pinar

Boxing day roast with our friends Dave Liane and Peter.
The band at Ratito's

Family visit for Sarah's Birthday

The family. Audrey, Sarah, Matt, Bec and Luke in Vejer.
Down by the harbour at Cabo Roche
On the lower walk at Pichaco with Audrey and Sarah

At Bolonia and the dune .

Contemplating a swim perhaps ?

And perhaps not.
Back to Castellar

Before lunch.

After lunch.

The village inside the castle walls.

End of the visit a fish and chip tea at Roy's in Gibraltar