Wartburg Castle and Dragons canyon.

On Route to Wartburg Castle we stopped off to see the Dragons Canyon at Eisenach.
This is a short walk up a very narrow gorge and very picturesque too.
Wartburg castle lies on top of the hill overlooking Eisenach.
The castle is famous for being the place where Martin Luther translated the bible into German during his stay at the castle whilst hiding from the Catholic church persecutors.

Below is the Knights bath modelled on ideas brought back by the Crusader Knights.
It was also the home of St Elizabeth and many of the internal decorations and murals depict her short life and her Saintly doings.
She was a Princess of Hungary and was betrothed to the German Prince at the age of Four.
She spent most of her life, against her husbands wishes, helping the poor and sick. She died at the young age of 24 years and was Canonised shortly afterwards.  

Martin Luthers room

The Castle has a good museum in the last few rooms with Martin Luthers writings,15th century  Tapestries and a very unique cutlery display.

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