From Tordesillas we carry on our journey north to Cantabria.  Our destination Camping El Helguero at Ruiloba, village close to the coastal resort of Comillas.

Over the weekend we stay around the campsite as travel is restricted due to the Covid Pandemic, it is also Father's Day and the Spanish celebrate in style over the next three days.

On Monday we stretch our legs and head off for a very appropriate walk for Easter, a section of the Pilgrimage trail of Santiago de Compostela.

The first view of the walk is the snow-capped Picos de Europa.  Then we head down to the village of La Iglesia.


After passing the monastery we enter the pretty traditional village off Concha with a small shrine at its entrance.

From the village the path meanders through woodland and comes out overlooking the coast and harbour of Comillas.

Next day we went to discover the coast directly down from the campsite to the village of Liandres.  We lost the track at the cliffs and ending up climbing a barbed wire fence to get back on track.  We now realise that we are getting older and the balance is not what it was.





Wednesday, the end of of journey through Spain is rapidly approaching so therefore we had to travel to Santander on our scooter for a pre-travel Covid test.  On the way we went through the town of Oruna over the river Pas and then towards the coast with views of the river reaching the sea at Rio de Mogro.

Really enjoyed this area, shame we were locked down not able to really explore.  Our ferry back to Portsmouth left on time on Saturday 3.4.21.  We were back in Wales by midnight the following day.


 Drove from Monfrague passed by Banos de Montemayor, Bejar and Alaejos.

We eventually arrived at Tordesillas by the afternoon.

Staying here for three days we took a walk around the town and a lovely walk along the River Douro.

Ruta El Robledo.

 We found this walk the other day while out an about, just north of Malpartida de Plasencia, and Sarah researched it online and so off we went.
It turned out to be a very special walk through many different vistas.
A lot of bird life, lakes and hills.
It became a Ten mile walk in the end and we enjoyed every minute of it.
There are picnic areas at the top of the peaks in lovely settings. 
Today it was deserted, Perfect..